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We have recently finished a project for a client in Denmark where we integrated the Danish accounting system e-conomic with the Joomla Component RS Membership so that members created in RS membership are also created inside e-conomic.dk

We used the e-conomic API to integrate the two products.

The e-conomic API offers many integration possibilities and we are happy to take on any future projects of a similar nature. E-conomic can easily be integrated with Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal or any other PHP based framework.

Contact us for a free quote for your e-conomic or similar API project.

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We are hiring another member for the Jensen Technologies SL team in Granada, Spain.

The ideal candidate will have strong Javascript and PHP skills, uses Git and has experience in both front-end and back-end frameworks such as Angular, React, jQuery, Laravel, Joomla and Symfony.

We value candidates who are used to teamwork while still being independent and has autonomous decision making abilities. Knowledge about Pattern design, advanced OOP, API integrations and package managers will be a plus.

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Today we come bearing a gift for the Joomla Community. A brand new Social Login extension, called CC Login. And it is completely free! CC Login was originally created for Component Creator and Neno Translate, but as we believe that sharing is caring, we have decided to share it with the world. 

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We just finished developing a payment plugin for a Danish client using the payment gateway ePay. The payment plugin is for the Joomla extensions RSMembership and RSEvents! Pro.

ePay has a strange approach to handling subscriptions that is completely different from any of the many other payment gateways we have implemented in the past. Instead of scheduling the payments they simply give you permission to charge a credit card again in the future. 

To me this seems totally backwards and also insecure from the point of view of the person paying (as once you get this permission you can charge any amount at any date in the future without the credit card owner giving you permission). 

But the biggest impact of this approach from a development point of view is that you have to handle the scheduling of these payments yourself. We had to create a brand new and separate Joomla component to handle all of these subscriptions as RSMembership does not have this functionality. The component handles setup and scheduling of payments as well as handling what happens when a payment fails.

If you are in need of having a payment gateway developed for ePay to handle subscriptions or need to handle subscriptions using a similar payment gateway, then please get in touch. We have already done a lot of the hard work so we might be able to implement a solution for you relatively fast.

We also have ready to implement payment plugins for RS Membership and RS Events Pro for ePay.


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Quizás hayas recibido un correo de Google Search Console (anteriormente conocido como Webmaster Tools) durante estos días con el mensaje “El robot de Google no puede acceder a los archivos CSS y JS de http://tupagina.es". No hay que alarmarse, es de hecho el resultado de una buena noticia: desde octubre del 2014 Google es ya capaz de interpretar los elementos javascript y CSS de tu página.

Ahora Google tiene una imagen mucho más precisa de la estructura de tu página web y es capaz de indexar el contenido aunque esté tras un menú hecho en javascript. Esto es parte del plan de Google de premiar la experiencia de usuario. La solución a este mensaje es muy sencilla.

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