What we do

Our skills, as the company logo suggests, encompass all the main focal points of creating online solutions for any project. Although we are a “web design” team, which general internet users will often imagine means that we make the pages look pretty, what we do is so much more complex. We create clean and simple designs teamed together with a user experience in which any internet user will feel at home. Our top priority is to enable the site’s visitors to use every aspect of the site without ever being left wondering what to do next.

We develop almost exclusively for the Joomla! Content Management System. This enables our clients to take full control of their site as soon as it is launched, they can change content, images, add menu items and articles whenever they please. There are many cheap web designers out there these days who can build you a static HTML site for an extremely low price. This is not what we do, we are about finding a simple solution to a much more complex project and we take enormous pride in our work.

Our Philosophy

The slightly quirky name is an appropriate reflection of our philosophy and people's misconception of what we do - “design” is only a small part of the services we offer. Our philosophy places emphasis primarily on usability and effectiveness, combined with smart design techniques that enhance and streamline the user's experience.

User interaction with a website should be seamless and completely intuitive. Visitors should not have to stop and think about what to do next.

If you think a spinning/flaming logo or an animated splash page is an important part of your web site, then we are probably not the right partner for your project. If, on the other hand, you care about delivering an intuitive and welcoming experience for your visitors and want a simple solution for a complex project then we are probably a good match.

What We Do

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We have many happy clients all over the world from projects both past and ongoing. Our extensive portfolio shows just a few of the many sites our team have created.

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Knowledge and expertise are important factors of any professional. Not Web Design have applied these traits to produce a service second to none that many businesses are searching for. The end product shows functionality, clean design, perfect coding all as a result of well executed development. A pleasure to work with and a service highly recommended.

- Greg Capel-Davies, SETranslations