Our SEO services

We offer a comprehensive SEO service designed to boost your website rankings and improve your internet presence and website traffic. Below are some of the most popular SEO services we offer.

SEO Fundamentals package

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Any SEO campaign should begin by creating an optimized website structure and setting up the basic tools needed to make sure your website is performing well. This package is a one time investment designed to make sure your website is search engine friendly and provide the tools needed to track progress and monitor the wellbeing of your site.

Basic Analysis

  • Create a Google Analytics account and add the code in the website markup

  • Create Google Webmaster account, activate the site, and link it to Google Analytics account

Basic indexation optimization

  • Set up automatic creation of a sitemap of the website

  • Automatically submit updated XML version of the sitemap to Google

  • Ensure that the website is displayed correctly for search engines to avoid crawl errors

  • Investigate and report any issues with non-indexable content such as flash, frames, iframes or JavaScript on critical elements of the site

  • Set up custom 404 error page

  • Make sure the www is correctly redirected

  • Investigate and report on the status of Search Engine Friendly URLs

  • Recommendations to adhere to the W3C standard for XHTML and CSS on the front and template

  • Suggest breadcrumbs (paths) structure for more explanatory internal links

Improved security and performance

  • Setup .htaccess script for increased security

  • Add free CDN and performance booster (cloudflare.com)

  • Create report with recommendations on how to improve website performance

  • Ensure that the website hosting is properly chosen, and the domain's configuration is correct

Basic Keyword study

  • Briefing with the client

  • Identify the client’s market

  • Identify main keywords, suggest alternatives including long tail keywords

Local SEO basics

  • Ensure that relevant contact information is displayed correctly on the web site and proper microdata is available

  • Add the website to search engines local services: Yahoo Local, Google my Business, Bing Places

Content Optimisation Package

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This package provides in-depth content analysis and optimization. An important part of any SEO campaign is to make sure that your content is pleasing to both humans and search engines. This package is designed to make sure that the technical aspect of your websites content; titles, keyword density, links and text presentation all comply with established web principles and search engine requirements.

The package will also make sure that each important page on your website has keywords, titles, meta descriptions and headers that are relevant to that page. This is important because it helps customers find exactly what they are looking for, and search engines find content that is related to the descriptions, thus improving overall ranking.

  • Item improvement (product, article or page)

    • So texts comply with written web principles

    • It includes the right amount of keywords and synonyms

    • Text Presentation, length, font, size, line spacing

    • Proposal for call-to-actions on articles and products pages

    • Creating or modifying relevant long tail headers in the texts

  • Adding links on articles pages with correct "title" keyword

  • Adding keywords to hidden captions for the products (increases keyword density)

  • In Deep Keyword Study

    • Identify relevant keywords for the most important pages

    • Identify seasonal keywords for products

  • Structural changes

    • Modification of content structure (menu items and categories) so SEF URL's are optimal

    • Set up alias URL (keywords in URLs)

  • Search Engine Results Visibility

    • Setting up the important meta title that also appears in search results for potential customers

    • Setting up the important meta description which also appears in search results for customers

Competitor Analysis Package

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To get ahead of the competition it's necessary to know who the competition is and what their marketing tactics are. Our competitor analysis package is designed to identify important competitors, and provide an in-depth report that will clearly show the strengths/weaknesses of your website when compared to your competitor. The report will include recommendations that can be taken to make sure your website has the edge when it comes to ranking for your important keywords.

  • Basic comparison of important technical ranking factors, number of backlinks, referring domains, trust/citation flow metrics

  • Research and comparison of competitors titles, meta descriptions and headers

  • Competitor anchor text analysis and comparison

  • Analysis of competitors keywords

  • Detailed report with recommendations of action needed to beat competitor

  • Help identifying competitors if necessary.

  • Three competitors compared in each report.

Link Building Package

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We provide a high quality link building package designed to improve your search engine ranking.

Building quality links is one of the hardest and most time consuming aspects of search engine optimisation. Good links take both time and hard work to build and it’s a continuous task. Our monthly link building package does all the hard work for you.

  • Link building strategy report

  • Monthly report of backlinks created

  • No black hat techniques, following search engine guidelines

  • Diversify anchor text and improve your deep link ratio

  • Increase PageRank and domain authority

  • Improve visibility of your pages

Social Media Package

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Our Social media package is aimed at defining and marketing a unique, durable and powerful brand for your business and to make sure your social campaigns reach as many customers as possible.

  • Ensure proper setup of social media accounts with correct branding, calls- to -action, image headers, targeted posts.

  • Analyze social media presence of the company, improve brand perception through profile design and strategy.

  • Social integration to make website content sharing attractive and professional

    • Twitter Cards

    • Open Graph

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